We are issuing this notice that any seller or donor of the real estate that may belong to Angel Tomas Yaneza Reyes, owner and president of the Kadakilaan Estate is acting in bad faith. No one is authorized to sell or dispose the ancestral land except the Owner and President of the Kadakilaan Estate. All Power of Attorneys issued by Angel Tomas Yaneza Reyes in the past had been revoked. No administrator had been appointed to represent the Estate until further notice.

Please inform us of any fake or fictitious “Power of Attorney” issued allegedly by Dona Lourdes Rodriguez Yaneza so that we can take proper action against the perpetrators.

We would like to protect the public especially the poor and needy of our dear Republic of the Philippines. Your cooperation is much appreciated. You may email ANGEL TOMAS YANEZA REYES  at or



The Kadakilaan Estate is a family partnership duly organized and registered since 1965 and actively operating in accordance with the laws of the Philippines.

Here are the salient points of its existence and the documented historical background where the estate firmly stands.

1. Kadakilaan Estate had acquired and owns encompassed in 11-219, a plan approved by the Bureau of Lands, base on Spanish Title, otherwise known as TITULO DE PROPIEDAD de TERRENOS no. 01-4. A certification issued by the National Library, certifying that Titulo de Propiedad de Terrenos no. 01-4, an almost a century old Spanish Title, was duly registered in accordance with the Spanish Mortgage Law after due hearing and publication on page 756 of the Gaceta de Manila if May 18, 1891.
2. In view of the above- mentioned publication in the Gaceta de Manila, constructive notice was served upon and binds the whole world, including the Government and all persons already born or unborn, that the land was privately owned and registered in the name of DON HERMOGENES RODRIGUEZ and DON MIGUEL RODRIGUEZ, predecessors-in-interest of the KADAKILAAN ESTATE. This private land had been withdrawn from the mass of public domain and therefore is no longer alienable or disposable.
3. When the Philippines was ceded by the Spanish Government to the United States in 1898, the land areas encompassed and described based on said plans stated in the above-stated Spanish Title were protected and preserved for its private owners by the Treaty of Paris according to Section 9, Article IX thereof, which was ratified by the U.S. Congress on December 10, 1898. We firmly believed that Treaties should be honored and not be subject to governmental amendments and modification.
4. The United States Government ruled and governed the Philippine Islands. The U.S. Constitution of 1776 was imposed to protect the property rights of Filipinos as well as Spanish subjects even if they got out of the Philippine territory to reside elsewhere.
5. The Land Registration Law known as Act 496 took effect in the Philippine Islands and the ancestral land was placed and registered under the Torrens system of Land Registration upon approval by Bureau of Lands of 11-219 in 1909.
6. The former President Ferdinand Marcos issued a receipt, “For file of the Republic of the Philippines in trust”, tacitly admitting that P.D. 892 had been complied and satisfied with the submission of Approved Plans “registered under the Torrens System”. There is no doubt that the ancestral is already registered under Torrens system of the Land Registration Law and the only ministerial mechanics which the Government is under obligation to comply or perform is the confirmation of the foregoing registrations by issuing the Torrens Title or Original Certificate of Title based on the approved plan 11-219 in the name of predecessor-in interest KADAKILAAN ESTATE.
7. KADAKILAAN ESTATE is the absolute owner of the ancestral land encompassed by Plan 11-219 based on ROYAL DECREE-01-4 and the ownership is indefeasible, imprescriptible and incontrovertible. This privately owned and registered land cannot be just taken away from its legitimate owner without due process of law, and even for public use without just compensation from the Government.
8. This registered ancestral land can no longer be subject to a judicial registration proceedings unless the application or petition for registration is supported by a waiver, transfer, sale or any deed of conveyance duly executed by the KADAKILAAN ESTATE or its predecessors-in interest in favor of the applicant for registration.
9. All registration proceedings over or involving the ancestral land area encompassed in Plan11-219, are null and void from the beginning because the courts then during the American regime in the Philippines did not have the jurisdiction to dispose of alienable lands already titled, owned and registered under the Torrens System in the name of the predecessor-in-interest KADAKILAAN ESTATE.
10. The Courts that decreed the issuance of a Torrens Title over the land areas had already withdrawn from the mass of public domain and duly registered after due publication and hearing under the Spanish Law at the time and under the Torrens Law in 1909 could not have acquired or did not have the jurisdiction to do so and in view of all court proceedings thereafter are null and void from the beginning considering further that with the submission to and approval of Plan 11-219 by the Bureau of Lands, the land areas involved therein had been already registered not only under Torrens system in 1909 but also under Spanish Land Law in 1891.
11. Any and all mother titles like OCT-333, OCT-735, OCT-614, OCT-632, OCT-994, OCT-396, OCT337, OCT-730 and etc. issued over the ancestral land within the encompassed of Plan 11-219 based on Royal Decree 01-4 during the American administration are null and void from the beginning so that it follows perforce that all transfer certificates of titles derived from them are null and void from the beginning for lack of jurisdiction and behooves upon the Government to correct or do something about the greatest blunder-plunder of the century by declaring the nullity of the unscrupulous Torrens titles inside the approved Plan 11-219 based on Royal Decree 01-4.

Written by Angel Tomas Yaneza Reyes
Owner and President of the


1. The Kadakilaan Estate was formed and registered with the Philippine Securities and Exchange Commission as a family partnership on October 6, 1965 by Dona Lourdes Rodriquez Yaneza and her sons, Jaime Yaneza Reyes and Angel Tomas Yaneza Reyes.
2. Don Gonzalo Rodriquez Yaneza sold, transferred, conveyed and ceded to her eldest daughter, Lourdes Rodriquez Yaneza all his ownership, possessions, improvements, rights and interests over the tracts of lands as governed and covered by the TITULO DE PROPIEDAD DE TORRENOS of ROYAL DECREE No. 01-4’ Protocol. A notarized Deed of Absolute Sale was signed on November 16, 1966 by Don Gonzalo Rodriquez Yaneza in the presence of two witnesses namely Aniceta Yaneza, his wife and Jaime Yaneza Reyes, his grandson.
3. Dona Lourdes Rodriquez Yaneza sold, transferred, assigned, conveyed her 80% ownership, rights, interests and possessions of the properties she acquired from her father, the tracts of land covered by the TITULO DE PROPIEDAD DE TORRENOS of ROYAL DECREE No. 01-4 to the KADAKILAAN ESTATE on March 25, 1969
4. Dona Lourdes Rodriquez Yaneza sold, transferred, assigned, conveyed her remaining 20% ownership, rights and interest and possessions of the properties she bought from her father, Don Gonzalo Rodriquez Yaneza, the tracts of land governed by the TITULO DE PROPIEDAD DE TORRENOS de ROYAL DECREE No. 01-4 to the KADAKILAAN ESTATE on August 19, 1991.
5. On June 23, 1993, Dona Lourdes Rodriquez sold, transferred, ceded, waived and relinquished all and any ownership, interests, shares and rights over the real properties in the name of KADAKILAAN ESTATE, a partnership duly registered under the Securities and Exchange Commission of the Philippines in favor of her duly registered partners and sons namely Angel Tomas Yaneza Reyes and Jaime Yaneza Reyes. Signed and notarized deed of sale was issued in San Francisco, State of California, United States of America and took effect thereafter.
6. Since the passing away of Jaime Yaneza Reyes last December 22, 2003, his brother and only partner in the KADAKILAAN ESTATE, Angel Tomas Yaneza Reyes is now the absolute owner and President of the KADAKILAAN ESTATE.

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    • Kate,

      Natitiyak ko na ginagamit lamang ang pangalan ng aking ina upang lokohin ang mga tao.
      Wala akong pahintulot sa sinoman na pagsamantalahan ang mga mahihirap kong kababayan.

      Angel Y. Reyes

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